Who is Affected by Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence transcends all boundaries: age, gender, race, ethnic, geographical, economic and sexual orientation. This crime is a crime of power and control and anyone can find themselves subject to it.

Profile of a Domestic Violence Perpetrator

A perpetrator of domestic violence is one who uses physical or psychological threats to coerce his or her partner. This type of person often has “two faces” or personalities.
One personality may be an upstanding leader in the community and a charming, loving and good provider, while the other may be denigrating, violent and threatening.

Characteristics of a Perpetrator of Domestic Violence

1. Denies having any problems or creating any problems. Instead, he or she will blame the significant other for failures.
2. Is very immature and self-centered.
3. May have learned only one way to deal with stress.
4. May also have the idea that it is okay to beat up on mate because mate needs or deserves discipline “a lesson,” etc.
5. May avoid taking responsibility for own conduct by minimizing, denying, lying about or justifying abusive tactics.
6. Is unable to express/accept feelings of dependence and vulnerability.
7. Is highly jealous of mate’s time, affection, and attention.
8. Is emotionally dependent.
9. Doesn’t know how to form intimate relationships and is fearful of mate doing so.
10. Fears abandonment—leading to extreme jealousy and suspicion.